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Excited to work towards decluttering!

For quite some years, I and some of my friends have been pondering over putting our unused stuff to good use. Of particular interest that we discussed and explored was books – with good friends Sridhar and Pramod at different points in time.. Beyond this and books, we at family always kept encountering the problem of… Read More »

Clutter-free Gifting Ideas

We always worry about the clutter we accumulate at our homes. But have we ever given a thought on how to stop the accumulation of future clutter? Gifting and getting gifts can unknowingly swell the clutter in our cupboards. So we at AdalBdal.Com have listed here 5 innovative gifting ideas that can prevent future swelling up of clutter; do… Read More »

Five steps to effectively declutter your home

Many of us love to accumulate stuff and at the same time dream about a clutter-free home. Most times it becomes a Herculian task because of not having in-hand a simple and foolproof method to remove clutter. So here we present to you a simple, five-step method to effectively declutter your home. Step 1- Believe… Read More »

Fun-filled rites with Spandhanites

17th Jan’15, Saturday morning, a brand new year started somewhat like this for us:      The joyful event of “Makar Sankranti” celebration at “Shriram Spandhana”, coinciding with a view of  India’s indigenously built LCA’s acrobats near Domlur, was definitely a treat for The crew of AdalBdal were really happy with Mr. Kulkarni, whose “Vada Paav” and Mrs Geetha’s parent’s stall of Laddoos, chakli… Read More »

With Love – From Dump Trucks to Tender Hands

Where do you think all the unused things lying around in your home end up? It’s a question that calls for deep reflection: What to do with all that perfectly good stuff? They don’t really look mint right now but will I be able to find new homes for them? The residents of Salarpuria Serenity,… Read More » is making a bag full of happy-ness. Pitch In! is the platform for you to upload things you wish to donate, and the partner organizations collect it from you. Its that simple. Our children have little wishes for little things that will make them happy. And we will put all these little things that you give them, in a big bag of happy-ness. So… Read More »

Why sell when you can give it away

I didn’t make any mistake when I wrote this subject. This was intentional.   So here is the deal. If you are reading this, you already own a computing device and a privileged member of your society.  Where is your last mobile. Is it rotting in your cupboard. What about the dress you bought and never… Read More »

Stop buying, Start sharing

    “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.” – Mahatma Gandhi And so goes the story of this world, a mad rush for creating stuff we don’t use. Look at our households. Haven’t we had enough. Unused clothes, unused gadgets and furniture and many more. Our households are highly… Read More »