With Love – From Dump Trucks to Tender Hands

By | December 23, 2014

Where do you think all the unused things lying around in your home end up? It’s a question that calls for deep reflection: What to do with all that perfectly good stuff? They don’t really look mint right now but will I be able to find new homes for them? The residents of Salarpuria Serenity, Bengaluru, got these questions answered.

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Those of you who follow our Facebook page, might have come across our “Bag Of Happy-ness” event, a campaign where you upload pictures of old goods that you want to give-away at our website and we come and collect them from you. The whole idea was to create a bag full of happiness for the orphans of Adarane Charitable Trust, Bengaluru. This Children’s Day we went one step ahead and set up a stall at Salarpuria Serenity – a residential complex housing 200 awesome families.

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The response was overwhelming. By the end of the of the day at Serenity, we collected more stuff than we were prepared for. In addition to collecting goods and giving little thank you cupcakes, the conversation that we had with the residents opened up our minds and gave us a new vantage point to think from.

Over the course of years, these families had accumulated a lot of things; things that many of them no longer use. So where does all the excess stuff—we’re talking books, toys, clothing, bags, clothing, electronics, etc.—go? Too often, it ends up in the city corporation’s dumpsters. The residents themselves expressed the need to divert the goods away from the landfill and into the hands of people who actually need them. These conversations were both encouraging and eye-opening.

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All these goods would have one day gone out of sight, out of mind and the owners would have somehow become unconscious of it. Running the day long stall gave us the opportunity to build a community and bring together people who wouldn’t have otherwise interacted. We will soon be posting pictures, sharing more stories about the event in our Facebook page while in the meantime, you too can contribute but uploading your old stuff at www.adalbdal.com.

Happy Giving!!


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