Five steps to effectively declutter your home

By | February 17, 2015

Many of us love to accumulate stuff and at the same time dream about a clutter-free home. Most times it becomes a Herculian task because of not having in-hand a simple and foolproof method to remove clutter. So here we present to you a simple, five-step method to effectively declutter your home.


Step 1- Believe that it is possible

People get overwhelmed and sense failure when they hear about the whole idea of getting clutter out of their living space. But it can begin only within you as a faith and so it is important to believe that it can be made possible.

Step 2- What should I keep?

Begin the process by identifying what you need and what all you should keep while cleaning the mess. For instance you could ask questions like these if you get stuck:

  • Have you used it in the last few months?
  • Did anyone in your family use it lately (again last few months)?
  • Will you need this in the future?

If you answer ‘no’ to any of the above questions, then definitely you should not keep it.

Step 3- Where to throw Excess?

Once you have identified the stuff you use, all you are left with are the things that are not used much. Organise the excess into categories like-

  • Give Away- Items you want to give away, can be uploaded on and you can be sure that it reaches people who need them more than you do.
  • Store – Items that have some kind of emotional value attached to it
  • Sell – If you can find buyers
  • Trash – Absolute junk that can interest no one

Step 4- What should I do on a daily basis?

There are some habits that can be cultivated so that you can easily keep away from accumulating stuff, or from cluttering.

  • Make room for specific items in each room
  • Organise your cupboard to “most-used” to “least-used”, keeping the least used items in the top shelf
  • Make sure items are kept in rooms where they are used the maximum
  • Keep similar things together
  • Lastly and most importantly follow the above habits religiously to avoid future clutter

Step 5- Slow down future accumulations

  • Think well before you purchase any new item for your home/family/yourself. Make sure you buy items that you actually need
  • Spend extra minutes everyday on your laundry, clothes, wardrobe, kitchen and so on; so that you can effectively avoid future clutter

So, before you get started make sure you put on your favourite playlist that can get you pumped up and plan on how you will reward yourself after the project.

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