Excited to work towards decluttering!

By | June 24, 2015

For quite some years, I and some of my friends have been pondering over putting our unused stuff to good use. Of particular interest that we discussed and explored was books – with good friends Sridhar and Pramod at different points in time..

Beyond this and books, we at family always kept encountering the problem of clutter – things that we no longer use, but are still very worthy of being used. Few of these, we manage to find someone needy in our circle like maid, driver or a workers at a nearby construction site. A few other limited stuff, makes their way to a very handful of relatives/friends, who don’t mind using/sharing given the warm bond we share.

But for most other stuff, we have no clue on what needs to be done. The challenge there seems like, either we are not willing to give away things that we valued so far(emotional value to the stuff or having spent a bit in buying them) or the social barrier of having to offer others like relatives/friends or their possible negative responses to such offers!

A few months ago, happened to connect with my Infosys times friend BK Birla, at MTR JP Nagar for some awesome food and discuss life after Infy! While the food was as awesome as ever, the conversations with Birla was lively – discussing the infy days to his entrepreneurial experiences from potluck to BBG…

This is when, I was awed by Birla’s idea of AdalBdal(he insists it be pronounced as a-dal b-dal!) that he and his friends had started off with. Not only did adalbdal seem to solve the problem of clutter, it also helps some of the real needy ones to get things that may perhaps be of greater utility to them. Well – above all, for those who go shopping spree – don’t need to overly worry on things that pile up at home! And what a way to introduce “barter” to the kids!

That’s it – I decided to join hands with Birla on AdalBdal. Having chosen to be on my own, away from the corporate life, seeking some interesting things to hop on to, the timing was perfect by ramping down my ongoing consulting engagements, a bit!

So, finally here I am to be part of AdalBdal! This not only gives me a great opportunity to work on the problem of excess, but an everyday chance to have some great food with Birla!

Excited and looking forward!

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