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By | March 27, 2014
This is what people share on adalbdal

This is what people share on adalbdal



Always wondered how one would feel when they manage to complete something whether a task, project or product. Though in life I did have couple of achievements but I guess happiness and satisfaction are two different(Un deterministic philosophy ) things can help me in distinguishing this achievement with others…

Wo wo wo wondering what am I talking ? 🙂 Even I am wondring …

Before I set the plot I want to decide should it be professional narration or just put the experience in simple interactive word. So choice is obvious as I have no experience of narration :).

25th March 2014 was the day when I realized my dream into reality. I launched my own ..own company Yuppeeeeee. None the less contribution of 2 of my partners are equally important but would let them to express :). It’s my blog so focus has to be on me(Shameful).

Starting of my journey it self was dramatic and full of events. The day we agreed to build this product AdalBdal.com very next day I was diagnosed with Dengue and thus whole discussion and roadmap was on hold but my enthusiasm wasn’t 🙂 (Hospital is not a place to carry enthusiasm). Started discussing my thoughts with my wife and knowingly unknowingly started pulling her in all but interesting discussions.

Thankfully I recovered on time(Power of self belief) and started building product with a thought it will help to make this world a better place(bullshit) . I had quite(none but all) a failure in term of completing product but always wanted to defy this incompetent prerogative.

Each passing day, belief of achieving the goal was getting stronger (Ghanta) that happened as I was not alone in this journey.

1st lesson of achieving tough task, to have a right companion(All lie). You feel inspired seeing 2 more baboons(So true 1 fat and one …:P) in same situation and then one believer always boasting and boosting your confidence.

2nd lesson never try to do everything and nor wanted to do with perfection.(F*** who doesn’t) but wanted to complete something first and move on to build next stuff. Why so ? because I am a firm believer that I am not perfect so how can I build anything perfect and as you know change is permanent so why to waste too much time which later has to be changed anyway :).

3rd lesson is when you expect it’s going to over as planned soon buddy it’s an alarm you are actually fooling yourself. Remember what I said above I am not perfect(believe other 2 are also not) so how can I make a perfect plan. No seriously, expected time was 10 days to finish but took 2 month. Holly shit where did we miss and messed things up? We did not miss or messed things up it’s a natural phenomena.(Things happen at it’s own pace…..DIALOG Jab Jisko Jitna Milna hota hai Tek Usko uthna milta hai … Clapp :)). Thus I will suggest Estimation has to be realistic as we all are emotional fools and sometime try to over commit :).

No more lesson as I am done (Tired writing). Unmatched satisfaction I realized the day(25th Marc