Why sell when you can give it away

By | May 5, 2014

Give It Away

I didn’t make any mistake when I wrote this subject. This was intentional.


So here is the deal. If you are reading this, you already own a computing device and a privileged member of your society.  Where is your last mobile. Is it rotting in your cupboard. What about the dress you bought and never wore. What about the gifts you got and you never used. What about the books you have read and they are still lying around. And the list goes on and on and on….


All of us have such stuff lying around and we just hesitate to give it away. Now we make it easy to do that for you. What you need to do is upload stuff on AdalBdal and mention that it is a “Give Away”. We are working with a lot of NGOs who will just take it away from you to help people who actually need it.


And while we are on the topic, this is a song you will love.


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