is making a bag full of happy-ness. Pitch In!

By | September 13, 2014 is the platform for you to upload things you wish to donate, and the partner organizations collect it from you. Its that simple.
Our children have little wishes for little things that will make them happy. And we will put all these little things that you give them, in a big bag of happy-ness. So that they know they are cared for!
Who are these Bags Of Happy-ness for?

The Children of Adarane Charitable Trust


The Children of Government School Bilekahalli


What do we put in the Bags Of Happy-ness? 
The above mentioned organizations will be really happy to accept clothes (washed and in usable condition), books, stationery, old newspapers, groceries, and cooking vessels. The school also needs a TV, and a printer for the students.
So How Does This Work?
We are making the bag of happy-ness. You just pitch in from home.
2.Fill in the product name, category, sub-category; and don’t forget to select Give Away as Offer Type.
3.In the Story field , share what the product is all about that you wish to donate.
4.Wait to hear from the partner NGOs!
We will coordinate and schedule a pick-up of your contribution to the Bag of Happy-ness.
Keep watching this space, you will be amazed to find what little things make our kids happy, so that you can be the one who makes them smile.
We promise that giving away this bag of happy-ness is going to bring back loads of happy-ness to you!

– Team AdalBdal

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